Virginia Hometown Heroes

Virginia's #1 Savings Program

We are a group of real estate professionals who has teamed up to provide a unique and beneficial package to Virginia's Hometown Heroes. A Virginia Hometown Hero is any professional who is serving or has served as a police officer, teacher, firefighter, member of the clergy, lawyer, doctor, medical professional, as well as a member of our nation’s military/armed forces. We want to make the process of owning a home simple and affordable, by allowing our service professionals to purchase or sell a home and receive exclusive benefits from our real estate professional affiliates as a thank you for their service. 

To show how much we appreciate all that you do, here is what we offer to our Virginia Hometown Heroes:

  • The Virginia Hometown Hero will receive a 1.5% cash back rebate of the sales price at closing from Equity First Realty®. That comes to 50% or half of the Realtors® commission check. 
  • Equity First Realty® also will negotiate to have the seller to pay most of your closing costs as well.
  • Home Inspection Discounts
  • Home Warranty Discounts
  • Appraisal Fee Discounts
  • Reduction in Closing Attorney Fees
  • Moving Company Discounts
  • House Cleaning Discounts
  • Contractor Home Improvement Discounts
  • And much, much more!