Virginia Hometown Hero Seller Programs FAQs

Seller's Frequently Asked Questions

What are my costs if I’m selling with Virginia Hometown Hero Seller Programs (Equity First Realty®)? 
Equity First Realty® charges only 0% to 3% on the listing broker side and offers a minimum 2.5% to co-op agents (buyer’s agents). Our options are as follows:

Option 1: We will sell your house for free with 0% listing Fee when you buy your next home with us.

Option 2: If selling only, we can sell your house for 1.5% on the listing broker side.

Option 3: We will sell your house with full 3% listing fee on the selling broker side give you a 1.5% rebate at closing.

Do I pay up front when I hire you to sell my house? 
We ask you to pay nothing up front. 

What is the buyer’s agent fee? 
The buyer’s agent fee is paid to the agent representing the buyer. We ask that this fee be 2.5% or higher, there is no set fee for buyer’s agent commissions.

Will other agents from other brokers be able to show my home? 
Yes. Our professional showing service will field calls from agents who want to bring their clients in to see your home. We’ll then call to let you know what time the agent will be there after you have approved the showing.

Will my home be on the MLS? 
Yes and many other websites.

What is a lockbox? 
A lockbox allows you to securely lock one of your house keys in an electronic lock attached to your door. Other buyer’s agents can then schedule showings while you are not home with your permission.

What if I “flip” houses for a living? Can I use Equity First Realty® if I’m in the construction/remodeling business? 
Yes. By utilizing our Buyers Program in conjunction with our Sellers Program you could lower your total real estate commission related costs to around 1-2%. 

Can you help me get my property ready? 
Yes. We’ll give you some great advice for preparing your home for sale in our competitive market analysis. If you need a professional cleaner or property staging service, we’d be happy to refer you to a local company.

What if Equity First Realty® finds a buyer instead of another broker, will I have to pay higher fees? 
No. The buyer’s agent fee as offered in the listing agreement has to be paid regardless of who sells your property. It’s most likely that it will be another agent from another company that will bring you a buyer. If Equity First Realty® brings buyers to you, then you still must pay the buyer’s agent fee you offered in the listing agreement. We also offer a Buyer Reward Rebate out of this buyer’s agent commission when applicable. 

Will I get a yard sign? 
Yes. You will get a deluxe yard sign and rider.